Why to Prefer Maltepe University

The primary objective of the universities is to provide education of thinking and present the scientific thought to the students as a contemporary world view.

The university, which is sensitive to its environment, knows how to transit the knowledge into production and this knowledge makes life easier with tangible outcomes.

Universities produce projects concerning the today and the future of the community, abiding by the universality of science, thus tries to transform and carry the community a step further in terms of expectations of the age. All those purposes would be possible with the quality of edu-cation and scientific researches.

In this sense, Maltepe University offers you a unique opportunity in higher education with;

  • Exclusive and experienced academic and administrative staff,
  • Up-to-date programmes according the necessities of the time.
  • Diversity and richness of Academic infrastructure (laboratories, information technologies, inter-net access, etc)
  • Sharing academic researches with society
  • Social and cultural events encouraging individual participation
  • Postgraduate programmes offered after Graduate programmes

The more you are familiar with Maltepe University, the more you feel sense of belonging! You will be able to enrich your identity by being part of this University.


Free in Thought, Modern in Education, Universal in Science