Why Maltepe University?

The primary purpose of universities is to provide “thinking education” to students and to present them scientific thought as a contemporary world-view.

Sensitive to the environment, the university knows how to transfer the knowledge into production and this knowledge transferred to production makes life easier with its concrete outcomes.

Universities produce projects related to the present and the future of the society, by keeping national characteristics hidden and adhering to the principle of universality of the science, and thus, they try to transform the society in line with the expectations of the age and carry it to the future.

All these purposes can only be achieved with qualified education and scientific research. In this sense, Maltepe University offers you a unique opportunity in higher education with:

  • Programmes updated according to the development and expectations of the age,
  • The variety and richness of academic infrastructure facilities (laboratory, information and document center, internet access, etc.),
  • Sharing academic research with the community,
  • Social and cultural events encouraging participation,
  • The graduate opportunities offered for graduate education.


Free in Thought, Modern in Education, Universal in Science