The European University Association (EUA)

Turkey and EUA


Globalisation has led to reshape and describe higher education. 61 Turkish universities out of 168 are the members of EUA and it must be ensured that Turkish universities have a more active role in this Union. The functions, dimensions and tools of higher education have changed. According to UNESCO date 4 million students study abroad. It is estimated that this number will be 7 million in 2020. There have been many changes in many areas due to the global changes. Improving democracy, developing economy and increasing number of international activities have increased the demand of a change in academic world and this change states the academic independence, public interest and quality. In this context it is obvious that Turkish EUA full and associate member universities will contribute to European Higher Education and benefit from EUA with the help of communication and collaboration.

  1. List of the Universities Which  Applied to Institutional Evaluation Programme
  2. Associate Member Universities
  3. Individual  Full Members