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Violence and Human Rights


Violence and Human Rights

This book, the 4th publication of our Centre,  consists of both the summary of a report and the talks given during the international conference on “Violence And Human Rights“ organized by the Centre for Research and Application of Human Rights of Maltepe University on April 2, 2012.

This conference is one among a number of activities we carry out in response to a fact that we are confronted with at present. This strange fact is the increase in the efforts to protect human rights and at the same time the increase in blind acts of violence in Turkey and all over the world. Why is violence on the rise?


The following papers were presented in this Seminar:

Inaugural Addresses

  • Prof. Dr. Kemal Köymen, Rector of Maltepe University
  • Avukat Vedat Ahsen Coşar, President of the Bars Union of Turkey
  • Prof. Dr. İoanna Kuçuradi, Director of the Centre for Research and Application of  Human Rights of Maltepe University 


  • Conceptualizing the Violence in the Globalised World, Yakın Ertürk
  • University Responses to Forced Marriage and Violence Against Women in the UK: Report on a Pilot Study, Marilyn Freeman & Renate C.A. Klein
  • The Right to Protection from Domestic Abuse, Jonathan Herring
  • Consequences of Violence in Early Childhood: The Bitter Legacy? Betül Ulukol
  • Constitutional, Normative and Judicial Attitudes vis-à-vis Violence Against Women, Bertil Emrah Oder
  • Those Who Hush Loudly. Honor Suicides and Violence, Hülya Şimga Durudoğan

T.C. Maltepe Üniversitesi İnsan Hakları Araştırma ve Uygulama Merkezi ve UNESCO Felsefe ve İnsan Hakları Kürsüsü Yayınları-4

Editors: İoanna Kuçuradi, Özge Yücel Dericiler

Number of Pages : 132, Size: 14,5 cm x 21 cm, Print Place - Date: İstanbul - 2013, ISBN: 978-975-6760-55-0