Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences


In line with the philosophy approach adopted by the Philosophy Department, which was established in 2004, the education of philosophy is not composed of solely the history of philosophy; it has rather a systematic approach to philosophy which is encouraged; that is why our students can multi-dimensionally think about philosophical concepts, questions and problems. In accordance with the scope of the philosophy teaching program, our students both should meet humanities and social sciences, and mathematics. The department of philosophy emphasizes on the social, historical and cultural dimensions of human-being. Thus, the program leads the students to get acquaintance with the common heritage of humanity and contemporary requirements of being able to use an information technology. The department motivates its students to take non-departmental foreign language courses, so that they can use at least one foreign language sufficiently in verbal and written levels. The program includes both departmental and non-departmental elective courses since the program takes the interdisciplinary approach seriously as an educational policy.

Prof. Güncel ÖNKAL

Head of Philosophy Department

Free in Thought, Modern in Education, Universal in Science