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University is an important building block which makes a significant scientific contribution to the desire for learning of an individual adult. Providing an environment where interactive learning, personal differences and awareness become a resourceful richness as much as academic innovation, up to date qualifications and scientific growth are important reasons why universities exist. Individuals from different disciplines who will be entering business life in a few years are spending the most productive period of their life (for having a solid professional and humanistic background) at the university.

We, as MİKAM, are the primary solution partner of the students and the alumni for career awareness, career preparation and career growth. As a center providing opportunities, MİKAM acts as an organization which learns from the needs, demands and contributions of the students. We see our students, academics, alumni and professionals from different sectors as stakeholders of these areas of activity.

To bring together our students and alumni with the organizations which aim to provide job opportunities to talented students and to create a synergy between all stakeholders is the greatest wish of the MİKAM team.

What's in Alumni Communication and Career Research Center (MİKAM) for you?

While shaping your career journey, you can meet with us one-on-one at the undergraduate, graduate, doctoral stage or graduate regardless of the stage you are at. Even just to chat.

Career Counselling

Did you know that you can receive counselling from us as you plan your career?

Our priority is to provide Career Counselling to all our students and graduates. You can meet with us at all stages of career planning and personal development, when you have a question on your mind that you cannot determine about your career, when you want to be clear about the choice of graduate study field selection, when you aim to get information about job-internship search resources and methods, and maybe when you only want to exchange ideas.

You can request an appointment par via e-mail: [email protected] for these meetings. Start your career today!!!

Knowing yourself and your interests is the first step in making a career decision. The decision belongs to the person herself/ himself. It consists of goals, experience, skills, values ​​and interests. Career counselling increases your awareness of career options, allowing you to be aware of options that you have never thought of before.

Job and Internship Opportunities

We regularly hold meetings with institutions and organizations in order to guide our students and graduates in their professional career choices, to mediate for them in finding internships and job opportunities, to make them aware of the dynamics of the business life they will participate in, to ensure that they gain the knowledge and skills they will need while drawing their career paths, and to support them in finding jobs that are suitable for their personal qualifications and goals. Thereafter we announce the job and internship opportunities on the web page for our students and graduates to benefit.

Doing internships, working as part-time to gain work experience is one of the steps that will help in gaining knowledge, skills and experience. It is one of the options that will show you the right way in determining which field and which job you want to do.

Today, companies consider it as an advantage for students and recent graduates to have experience such as internship / part-time work. Doing an internship is more than learning at workplace.

You can also see job and internship opportunities posted on our website mikam and you can apply to the postings that are published and suitable for your area of ​​interest. The application link of the relevant company is shared for each announcement and candidates can make their applications individually through the company in this way.

Reviewing Resume, Cover Letter, Letter of Intent

A resume is one of the most important tools to make a positive first impression when applying for a job, to show off your skills and yourself as a Professional.

Since the purpose of preparing a resume (CV) is to receive an invitation to a job / internship interview, it is the first and most important step in the process of finding a job / internship.

If you need support during the CV preparation process, if you want to get feedback about the cover letter you prepared for the internship or job application process, if you want to consult about writing a letter of intent for your graduate study applications, you can make an appointment at [email protected].

Interview Preparation

You can make an appointment with us to be prepared for the interviews during the job search process, to review possible questions to be asked during the interviews, to get information about the company you will visit before going to the interview, to share information and experiences about how your attitude and behaviour should be during the interview. Now you know our address! [email protected]

Development Activities (Seminar, conference, workshop etc.)

We can define Personal Development as the process of becoming the best by reaching one's own potential. Personal development is also a process that helps people prepare a more successful and peaceful life by improving their quality of life.

We attach great importance to the development of our students and graduates. We unite our students and graduates together. We know that you are a member of the same family, that they have stories to tell you, and experiences to share.

We prepare seminars, conferences and workshops regularly that will raise awareness about business life, attended by professionals from different sectors, and lead by career coaches and corporate trainers. We aim to prepare you better equipped for your profession on-site, learning by experience, with an experimental model by organizing trips to companies.

You should follow our website ( and social media accounts to be informed about all these developments and to follow announcements.


Let’s Have Information about MiKAM - Monthly Bulletins

Precisely at this point where we say personal development, we share books, articles and videos on current issues on our website and MİKAM social media accounts that will contribute to your development every Monday. We send a bulletin every month to all our students and alumni regularly, so that you would not be out of touch with the University. We speak of our activities to be done, we insistently invite you, as we know that it will contribute to your development. We attach great importance to your success story, your entrepreneurship story. We remind you that we are waiting for your success story or entrepreneurship story in our graduate bulletin that we send regularly every month.

We strive to provide you with ideas that will contribute to your personal development in order to create value, differentiate, and enrich your life. Don't forget to follow our social media accounts and our!

As MiKAM, we work with all our strength to successfully continue the continuity of the 23-year-old Maltepe University family that connects us to each other by aiming to reach all our graduates.

We need you to strengthen our communication, to ensure permanent cooperation, and to create a strong sense of belonging. Don't forget that you are part of this family.

We organize an "Alumni Meeting" every year to unit our family together. Be with us at these meetings too! Alumni Gathering is being turned into an excitement where we refresh the pleasure of spending time together during the school years and our memories and add new ones our memories. It is an occasion where we can lean on each other, create new sparks together, meet, chat and have fun. We know the happiness of coming together.  We know that staying together means moving forward and working together is a success!


Dear Our Graduate;

It is the strength within you that makes your dreams come true. You have gained the strength you need for what you want to do through your knowledge until now. We know that you will continue to develop steadily from now on. We are happy to offer you options that can support you in almost every moment of your life through the activities of our university in the following areas, as well as the services you can get through MİKAM;

Activities in areas such as project development, intellectual and industrial property rights, entrepreneurship and incorporation within Technology Transfer Office Incorporated Company (MayaTTO),

  • Master's and doctoral programs, distance education programs, within the Graduate School,
  • Certificate programs for personal development, professional development and expertise within the Continuing Education Center ),
  • Activities in areas such as project development, intellectual and industrial property rights, entrepreneurship and incorporation within Technology Transfer Office Incorporated Company (MayaTTO).


 In addition, the opportunities / discounts offered to our graduates by different departments of our University and Marmara Educational Institutions (Postgraduate education, certificate programs, Hospital services, College, Hotel, etc.) also point to us the power union of our great family.

We attach great importance to the constant communication with you, that all our graduates can benefit from the opportunities we offer and to continue to support each other mutually. We would like to remind you that updating the Alumni Information Update form on the website when there is a change in your business, contact information, etc. is very important for us.




MİKAM's mission;  Regular activities shall be carried out through our center within the framework of industry-university cooperation, with wide participation of sector representative organizations and private companies, in the form of projects involving associate degree, undergraduate and graduate students, aimed at increasing the contact with business life in order to ensure that  our students and graduates realize the dynamics of the business life they will participate in, to gain the knowledge and skills they will need while drawing their career paths, to ensure that they find jobs that are suitable for their personal qualities and goals.

Since the complete preparation of students for business life and their ability to demonstrate their knowledge of general life practices depends on the continuity and planned communication with them, “Alumni Identity and Solidarity” shall also be provided.

MİKAM’s vision; to develop a career within the framework of university industry cooperation, to provide job and internship opportunities to our university students, and to strengthen the communication between our university and graduates.