Center for Distance Education Research & Application
Maltepe University

Project Activity Calendar

Date Description
05.10.20 20 Period Start
  19.10.20 20 Deadline for determining the project topic
02.11.2020 Deadline for sending project draft to consultant
04.12.2020 Deadline for preparing the first part of the project and sending it to the consultant
08.01.2021 Delivery of the project to the consultant
15.01.2021 End date of project to consultant after corrections
25.01.2021 Deadline for delivery of the project to the institute


Stages of Organizing Project Draft

Phase Description
1. Scanning Basic Resources Only academic resources will be used for the Graduation Project. Basic books and academic articles on the subject should be scanned. Online access databases of universities can be used for articles and E-Books.
2. Determination of the Structure of the Study The purpose, scope, importance and limits of the study are determined and written in paragraphs.
3. Creation of the Contents Section The creation of a draft table of contents that will take advantage of basic resources and will then take its absolute form during my writing.
Summary of Chapter 4 Contents For each section, the summary will be written in such a statement that describes the information to be given in that section so that it does not exceed a paragraph.
5. Bibliography The basic resources used as part of the first research will be written.
6. Delivery of The Draft The draft will begin with the cover page containing the project subject title, the table will be created, the purpose, importance, scope and boundaries of the subject will be explained, then the section summaries and finally the bibliography will be added and delivered to the consultant faculty member. The whole study will be organized in the appropriate format for the institute thesis spelling guide.

Important notes:

  • The graduation project subject must be approved by the project advisor. Projects that are not approved by the consultant are considered invalid.
  • Projects with a plagiarism rate above 25% are considered unsuccessful.
  • Graduation projects that are not written in accordance with the Thesis Writing Guide are considered unsuccessful.
  • The Graduation Project must be submitted to the Library and Documentation Unit along with the "Non-Thesis Master Graduation Project Submission Form (Form B.10)" that you will receive from the Institute of Social Sciences.