Maltepe University Marmara Higher Education Female-Male Student Dormitories

2020-2021 Academic Year Registration Renewal Operations started as of February 13, 2020.


*2020-2021 ACADEMIC YEAR REGISTRATION RENEWAL PROCESS has started as of FEBRUARY 13, 2020. The last day for registration renewals is JULY 31, 2020. As of 01 AUGUST 2020, your existing rooms will be considered as AVAILABLE ROOMS. You can complete your registration renewal procedures by coming to the Dormitory Directorate and Filling out the Registration Form and Making the Necessary Payment in order to avoid trouble in the provision of rooms. Simply filling out the registration form does not mean that the registration renewal process is done. PAYMENT CANNOT BE MADE WITHOUT FILLING OUT THE REGISTRATION FORM. For this reason, before leaving the dormitory, you must fill out the REGISTRATION FORM and pay for the next year's registration renewal process. The available deposits do not mean that the room is yours. No Reservations are taken.