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We are a unit established to provide psychological counselling and guidance services under the Department of Health, Culture and Sports.

Our aim is to carry out various work in line with the individual problems experienced by our students and staff. In addition, our aim is to support our students who won the right to study at our university by conducting preventive mental health practice in their educational, vital and mental problems that they will encounter in this new life phase.


Unconditional acceptance and respect; Human being is an entity worth respect. Human rights-based understanding and sensitivity to the basic needs of the individual are at the basis of our service we provide.

Voluntariness; Voluntariness of the individual is essential in psychological counselling and guidance services. The service must start and end with the free will of the person. The service shall not be started, continued or terminated in line with the request of any institution or person other than the counselee,

Confidentiality; every information shared in the session shall be kept confidential. Information on individuals receiving psychological counselling services shall not be shared with any person / institution without the consent of the counselee.

Competence; Consultancy service is provided by experts trained in the field. In case of need, the counselee can be referred to other units that are thought to be helpful.


University students and staff who apply voluntarily to our unit can benefit from the service provided free of charge.

Individuals who want to ask for an appointment from the Psychological Counselling and Guidance Unit can make an appointment by sending an e-mail to psychological [email protected] or by calling 0216 626 10 50 and dialling the extension numbers below.

For Psychologist İnci Gözde OK – 2060

Issues such as whether the counselee can receive service from the Guidance and Psychological Counselling Unit in line with her/his needs, with which expert she/he shall work and the day / hour of the meeting are determined together in line with common opportunities

Psychologist cannot be asked for additional time other than the meeting hours determined according to the availability of the Psychologist to work with.

In the event of a  Psychologist is fully booked, the counselee shall be  placed on a waiting list or refereed to another specialist / hospital in line with their preferences

The counselling process of the counselee, who does not attend the appointment three times in a row (with or without notice) shall be terminated The counselee whose process is terminated can apply again for an individual counselling and be directed to the waiting list.

Students who are sent to the Guidance and Psychological Counselling Unit by the academic staff are required to apply to the Guidance and Psychological Counselling Unit by e-mail with the "FR-238 Student Referral Form" filled out with the academic staff who referred them.

Counselling sessions last approximately 45 minutes

Counselling sessions shall be conducted on Blackboard (Bb)

Before your online counselling begins, there are FR-278 Guidance and Psychological Counselling Unit Emergency Response Form and FR-277 Guidance and Psychological Counselling Unit Online Psychological and Counselling CONSENT form created to protect your and advisor’s rights and freedom.  Online counselling cannot be started unless these forms are filled in completely and sent to the advisor’s e-mail address.

It is important to establish a connection through the computer so that the counselling session can take place in a qualified environment

If the counselee are late for the meeting,

If the delay time does not exceed 15 minutes, the counselling session continues throughout the remaining time of counselling.

If the delay time exceeds 15 minutes, the counselling session shall be cancelled

In case of delay, extension of the counselling session cannot be requested under any circumstances.

If the psychologist is late or delayed, the interview shall be compensated.

The psychological support service provided by the Guidance and Psychological Counseling Unit to the administrative/academic staff and students is a maximum of 10 sessions per application. Depending on the course of the process, it may take less than 10 sessions with the joint decision of the counselor and the counselee.

Even if the administrative/academic staff and students have received counselling service from the unit before, they can apply again, provided that the termination date and re-application date of the counseling service they have received are not within the same academic year. During this period, the interview process of graduates is terminated, and those who want to continue the process are informed about different professional support options outside the institution.


Individual Counselling

Group counselling

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Protective and Preventive Activities

In-Service Training

Location: Maltepe University Health Centre Building

E- mail: [email protected]