Vocational School

Banking and Insurance


Important functions of banking and insurance sectors in the economies with the development of globalization and growth, the labour demands of the industry and the workforce has increased the level of the qualities required.

Education-teaching activities started during 2009-2010 Education and Training, Banking and Insurance Programme, which gives priority to students of the dimensions of academic disciplines and Professional practice  in education and teaching programme swift the concept of work practice in the banking and insurance sector is preparing to be employed.

The programme language is Turkish.


With important functions in the economy and in recent years to respond to the need for restructuring the banking and insurance sector, trained in basic business administration, armed with the theoretical and piratical knowledge of national and international judges trained and qualified workers in the legal regulations.


Under the programme, integrate into the global system that could act nature of banking and insurance sectors armed with professional knowledge and experience to provide training for staff with ethical values. The Programme is integrated within the framework of the global system, banking and insurance sectors, and that task will be able to experience professional knowledge to educate such elements, equipped with ethics.

The Head of Department


Free in Thought, Modern in Education, Universal in Science