Vocational School

Computer Programming

Maltepe University Vocational Graduate School Computer Programming Programme is a programme having an aim to raise individuals who are qualified in the light of scientific methods, equipped with the vocational information and vocational foreign language, having responsibilities, generating easily solutions to the problems, having full self-confidence, having work ethics, being open to the changes and developments, being trained in the quality that the sector and community needs.

The programme has basically been built on two tendencies. The first tendency is Web Programming and the second tendency is the Software Expertise. The elective and compulsory courses in the programme have been arranged by considering this two tendency differentiation.

In parallel to the developments in the whole world, also in Turkey, the Computer Programming is an occupation which rapidly develops and can be applied to many business lines. The students have application-weighted training which is equipped with the laboratory opportunities also including the mathematical infrastructure of the algorithms required to be derived for the solution of hardware, software and all kinds of the problems. The  C/C#/C++ programming languages we have selected form the gravity point of the training. In the department, the vocational courses such as algorithms, system analysis and design, computer network systems, internet programming, database management systems required for developing software applications are mainly given. Also in the Mathematics, Graphic Animation courses, the strong mathematic based softwares required for the design and application doctrines oriented for the sector are used.

The entrance to the Computer Technologies Department Computer Programming Programme is made with the calculation of the quantitative score.


Make contribution to the qualified trained labour force which is the requirement of our country’s technology, informatics and software sectors, raise students who are knowledgeable and from whom the efficient is immediately got in the business environments.


To graduate our students as computer programmers who can be immediately employed in the national and international institutions and organizations and having high level application skills.

The Head of Department


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