Vocational School

Fashion Design

Fashion Design Program aims to train personnel that will meet the needs of the fields of art and design by acquiring them the skills required by the society and the sector, and who will be able to design  products based on qualified education and research, to turn ‘thought’ into ‘model’ with scientific and aesthetic criteria, and to make differences.

Theoretical and applied courses  such as textile technology, History of Art, Experimental Cloth Design, apparel production technology, fashion drawing, pattern design, cloth design, techniques of cloth production and fashion marketing related to their fields are given to students


To become one of the best fashion design programs of associate degree training personnel in the field of textile and fashion in our country is our main target.


Our vision is to train  creative  people with knowledge of fashion design based on applied education system as well as  theoretical knowledge and provide them with skills to work in various units in textile,fashion and apparel sectors.

The Head of Department


Free in Thought, Modern in Education, Universal in Science