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Guidance and Psychological Counseling-TR

Cultural gaps caused by changes that we cannot keep up with, changes in values ​​and family structure, rapid population growth and migration, increase in crime rates, economic deterioration and the fact that the society's need for qualified manpower has reached undeniable limits cause many problems that challenge both the society and the individual. The need for psychological services for individuals who have to adapt to all these conditions and have to make realistic decisions for themselves within these conditions is increasing day by day.

There are different programs at universities, one of which is Guidance and Psychological Counseling Program, to train people who provide psychological assistance services. Guidance and Psychological Counseling, an applied science, is one of the important programs of our University. With this program, we aim to train psychological counselors who have the competencies to meet the needs of educational institutions, as well as to work effectively in health, social assistance and industrial institutions.

Compulsory courses in our program are designed as part of accredited standards. Also, it is planned to help our students to train themselves in various fields in accordance with developing and changing conditions through the elective courses that we include in our program, as well as to help them build sufficient knowledge of human and behavioral sciences by taking courses from different fields.

The aim of our program is to train our students as individuals not only as professionals who can provide psychological guidance competently, but also as individuals who are sensitive to the important social problems of our country, especially those on educational matters. We aim our students to be able to produce solutions and provide services with respect and sensitivity to life of others. Our program also aims to train individuals who are faithful to both universal and professional ethical principles and are able to follow national and international literature in the field. We aim to equip our students with the abilities that will help them improve themselves lifelong.

The basic knowledge and skills gained by guidance and psychological counseling education can be used not only in educational institutions, but also in any place and in any field where adaptational and developmental problems are experienced. Our graduates are employed with the title of "advisory teacher" in mostly educational institutions (Kindergarten, Primary School, High School). They also have an opportunity to work as “psychological counselors” in ever-expanding service areas from industry to social welfare and healthcare institutions.

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