Faculty of Education

Special Education Teacher Training Program

The Department of Special Education Teaching was established in 2016-2017 academic year.

In line with the mission of our University, our Department is dedicated to develop, disseminate and process universal-level knowledge in the field of individuals with special needs and their education.

Special Education Teacher Training Programme strives to produce teachers qualified to provide individual or group education for individuals with special needs; as well as prepared to involve in the planning, implementation and supervision processes of special education and related services.

            Having completed the programme, teacher candidates can work at special education application schools, special education vocational centres, special education classes (in K12 context), supportive classes of special education schools, centres for guidance and research of the Ministry of National Education; at nursery schools and orphanages affiliated with the Ministry of Family, Labour and Social Services; or at private institutions and organizations affiliated with the Ministry of National Education, i.e. special education and rehabilitation centres. Besides, they can apply to available positions at art and science centres as classroom teachers, should they meet the requirements.

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