Graphic Design Department

One of the most effective ways of strong communication is through visual design. All design materials, from web pages to newspapers, books, posters, packaging to advertisements, brochures and catalogs to logos are products of graphic design. These products that aim to deliver their message quickly and correctly to their target audience, often emphasis on functionality and diversity.

The undisputed power, existence and necessity of Graphic Design in today's world is one of the basic principles that we present to our students with an innovative and creative education model in our department which is within the Faculty of Fine Arts of Maltepe University. Graphic design incorporates all aesthetic and art forms, but also includes educational understanding specific to visual, auditory, literary and artistic disciplines.

On the other hand, interdisciplinary academic collaborations, academic and scientific research methods, closely following national and international developments, and the understanding of education presented in the field of professional practice models are the main principles of the Department of Graphic Design of Maltepe University Faculty of Fine Arts.

The design projects that our students at the Department of Graphic Design have come up with can be found in many important institutions and organizations of the design world, advertising agencies, design offices, educational institutions, private organizations and so on, where these projects make a difference in sectoral structures, receive appreciation and are in high demand. These opportunities indicate that the quality of education of our department is at the same level as many other important educational institutions in the academic environment.

In the department there are joint lectures with other departments in our faculty such as, Basic Graphic Design, Typography, Photography, Art History, Graphic Art History, Symbol Analysis, Packaging Design, Advertising Analysis, Illustration, Pattern, Project, Graphic Shaping which are core subjects in Graphic Design education.

In addition to these courses, which can be called as building blocks, the Graphic Design curriculum has made it a principle to include new and up-to-date courses in the curriculum and to make students aware of these changes.

With the education they receive, students also benefit from different opportunities to develop their individual interests and tendencies towards art and design. One of these is internship training. Our students who gain experience by working as an intern for an agency for 30 working days, often have the opportunity to work in their free days and hours after their internship, and have the opportunity to work part-time in places where they do internships as well as at similar institutions.

In addition, our students accelerate their development in the field outside the institution through social responsibility projects.

Our department, which plays an active role in the International Student Congress held at our university, is also in an important position for international cooperation.

The principle of learning spreading throughout the production strengthens the ability of each student to acquire basic knowledge of graphic design, to gain collaborations with group works, and to gain individual place in the sector.



Our students are able to bring innovations to all learning processes that they actively participate in, make criticisms and comments, synthesize against what the present world brings, and develop their skills in effective and continuous communication specific to the field.

Maltepe University, Faculty of Fine Arts, Department of Graphic Design aims to educate individuals who are think freely, are researchers, are socially and environmentally responsible and sensitive, are ethically aware of the profession and are creative designers.

The aim of the Graphic Design Department, is for students who graduate to be able to play an active role in pioneering innovations around them by producing professional solutions, in Turkey and around the world.

Our department, which plays an active role in capturing a rapidly growing and changing world of knowledge, consists of competent and highly motivated academics in their fields of expertise.

The Graphic Design Department, which provides education on our campus in Marmara Education Village, is in a space which includes Basic Design Workshop, Graphic Shaping and Printmaking Workshop, Photography Studio, 2 MAC Computer Labs, a Library and Conference Hall.

Our graduates can find job opportunities in advertising agencies, visual media organizations, printing, photography and film industry or they can continue their profession by establishing their own businesses.


Assist. Prof. Seyit Mehmet BUÇUKOĞLU

Head of Graphic Design Department


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