Department of Performing Arts

The Department of Performing Arts has placed its education in the delicate balance between theoretical courses and basic art education to the extent that it will raise awareness and enrich the practice with practical courses in order to train players who will be able to take part in inspiring works in their field. In addition to practical courses such as acting, stage studies, improvisation, voice and Speech, Movement, Stage fighting techniques, dance, singing and camera acting, theoretical courses such as text analysis, aesthetics, philosophy, history of civilization, history of drama, and dramaturgy are taught. Basic art education, which is spread over a wide range of theoretical courses, is also provided for putting the practice on a solid foundation. Thus, it is ensured that the students of our theatre, cinema and television department are qualified artists.

Faculty members provide consultancy services both inside and outside the courses in every stage of the educational process; preparation, project, performance and evaluation phases; and continuity of student-instructor relationship.

In this very important area of practice, students are given the opportunity to create stage time, develop themselves and apply what they have learned in order to realize their own projects, as well as to work with professionals and apply what they have learned. In addition to seminars and workshops organized for being aware of the artistic openings in our country and in the world and to meet with the master artists in the field, the department organizes the Inter-University Theatre Competition and festival every year so that it can interact with its contemporaries in creative ways.Development of physical language, application of different and contemporary acting schools,gaining stage fighting techniques and preparing students for camera acting Department, it reveals the difference between similar programs in other universities.

Head of Performing Arts Department
Assoc. Prof. Dr.  Zerrin YANIKKAYA


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