Centre for Research and Application of Human Rights

M.A. Programme On Human Rights (Without Thesis)



The Human Rights Department of the Institute of Social Sciences of Maltepe University was established in the year 2008 and started conducting an M.A. Program with thesis and another one without thesis, in the academic year 2008-2009.

The objectives of the M.A. program without thesis are to train public officials (such as security services officers, judges and prosecutors, social workers etc.) and members of various professions (such as medical doctors, lawyers, engineers, etc.), so that they can carry out their jobs in a way that protects human rights, as well as to contribute to answering the need for well trained human rights trainers.

At present 68 students from various professions –judges, prosecutors, notaries, lawyers, social workers, teachers and journalists– are enrolled in this program.

The program gave its first graduates in the year 2010. Until now 119 students graduated from this program.


The mission of the program is to contribute to the increase in the number of people, and especially of public officials, who are looking at what is going on from the perceptive of human rights.


A Turkey in which everyone carries out his/her profession on the ground of human rights.


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M.A. Programme on Human Rights (Without Thesis)