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The project prepared will be a reflection of the student's orientation to the projects that the student will do in the sectoral field after graduation. For this reason, in this project study, consultants are guided to develop project preparation and reporting skills by assisting and guiding students who are projecting in research methods and techniques. This coaching task should be aimed at ensuring that the student acquires the skills to guide him in future project work.
Consultants should ensure that the roof of the research is well established, especially in the research proposal phase that will be prepared at the beginning, and that what is expected from the student is clearly and clearly reflected in this project
proposal. The research proposal is a contract between the consultant and the student who definethe scope of the project.
At this stage, research questions, research methods, data sets and resources should be clearly written on the principles of transportation to the research method, data sets and bibliographies, the type of research assumptions and scope of the work to be done, the references to be used, the sections of the project document and the project work

Counsellor; ensure that the student remains adhered to the working calendar and must take the necessary measures in advance in order to avoid any delays that may occur. The guiding and control role of the student in finishing his project within the defined time period is important.
The student should make the necessary warnings to fully comply with the ethical rules and make the necessary interventions in the studies prepared by the student in a timely manner to attitudes contrary to the ethical
rules. You can access the ethics rules by clicking on this link. Ethical rule violations should be shared with project coordinators and operations must be coordinated.
Project work should be carried out and evaluated within the scope of Research Methods standards and
criteria. In particular, the issue of which maltepe university thesis writing guide will be based on during the writing process of the project should be shared with the students and these standards should be taken into account in the project evaluation process.
After the project is completed, it is expected that consultants will be a router to fulfill the principles on our website regarding the project approval and delivery process and to ensure the delivery of the specified amount of copies to the
Our project consultants can always be contacted regarding the situations you encounter during the project management

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Graduation Project work we wish you success in your consultancy studies.