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Project Delivery Process


Determination of Project Subject:
You are expected to determine your project subject as soon as possible with an intensive and efficient email communication that you will set up with your consultation. Inform your advisor of three (3) topics in your interest, which you consider to be the subject of a project. The fact that the project topic is as relevant as possible and the sector you work for will make it easier for you to access the data. In addition, the academic fields that your advisor works will also positively affect your harmonious work. It is important to establish the balance between these two approaches. As a result, as a result of the advice and guidance of your advisor, determine the project with the approval of your advisor.

Once the project subject is identified, proceed to a comprehensive resource scan phase on the project subject. Share them with your advisor by identifying your research questions, subquestions, research method and research scope in the light of your theoretical background in this process.

Project Time Planning and Management:
The project activity calendar announced on the graduation project website is essential. Since your graduation project needs to be completed within a time limit and given the past experience, students and consultants will be able to ensure that the process is harmonious and trouble-free for students and consultants to pay the utmost attention to this calendar. As a result of the specified activity calendar of the graduation project, the interviews you will make with your advisor are the student's main responsibility. We expect you to make the most of your time management, taking into account the intensity of your work environment.

Ethical Rules Compliance:
The research and writing process about the graduation project must be followed by ethical rules. The concept of ethics means that the project work you will do in essence is original and yours, and it means that you take advantage of the work done before you within the appropriate limits and accurately specify it in your bibliography. You can find details about this in the "Ethical Rules" section of our website.

In particular, some problems have been encountered in the past regarding the use of the Internet and the proper inclusion of documents and information obtained from the Internet in the project text and accurately indicated in the biblical. Using the information and texts you may find about your project from the Internet with the "same" usage and "copy-and-paste" approach, and even presenting the work done on the Internet on a similar subject to your own project can constitute the crime of plagiarism and the consequences will not be desired at all. It is important to show the necessary sensitivity in not encountering such incidents by the students and to closely follow this issue by the consultants. You can access the ethics rules by clicking on this link.

Project Spelling Rules:
You can find the rules and spelling formats required in the project writing from the guide titled "KL-009 Thesis Graduation Project Spelling Guide"on the website of the Institute of Social Sciences.

Project Content Studies:
Report the necessary analysis and other content studies according to the research method and submit their opinions and approval to your project consultants when the phase is completed.

When you start typing the project document, post it to your project advisor and make requests for changes as a result of the completion of each section by writing sections. This way, your work can be completed in a logical flow and on time.

Project Delivery:
After your project consultant has a plausheary scan, you can start the project delivery process. Prepare two copies with a CD containing project documents using the Graduation Project cover form. Submit one copy to the Institute of Social Sciences and the other to the Library and Documentation Department by filling out the"FR-104 Master's Graduation Project Delivery Form"on the website of the Institute of Social Sciences.

Address: Maltepe University, Institute of Social Sciences, Cultural Center, Kat 1 Maltepe /Istanbul


Project Assessment:
Your project will be considered successful (BI) / fail (BZ) by your advisor and reported to the Institute of Social Sciences.

The success of the project will improve good communication. Therefore, use communication channels with your advisor in particular.

In the process, the e-mail addresses given by the Institute of Social Sciences will be based on the students. Notifications to these addresses are official notifications. Therefore, it is the responsibility of the student to follow these e-mail addresses up-to-date.

For questions about the graduation project, you can send an e-mail to your project advisor at the beginning of the semester.

You can send your feedback about the graduation project in writing to the address below.

Distance Education Application and Research Center: [email protected]

We wish you success in graduation project work.