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Virtual Class Sample


Maltepe University's e-MBA program has been designed as an alternative to existing higher education programs by considering the philosophy of equal opportunities in education. Independent of time and place restrictions, this interactive learning opportunity is provided to our valuable students by using various feasibilities of information systems and by considering the increasing importance of the e-Learning concept in the higher education sector. Students can follow the lessons on the Internet wherever they are and participate in the virtual class environment interactively during the predefined time intervals.

Virtual class implementation provides an environment in which students can interact with the instructor visually and audibly, just as in a regular classroom environment. Verbal communication is possible when a student asks for permission to speak in virtual class and instructor accepts this request. Additionally, students can communicate with the instructor by using the chat option simultaneously.

To see an example of how it works, you can watch the videos of different virtual class environments given below. By clicking plus sign placed at the right bottom of the image, you can enlarge the video.