Fine Arts Faculty

The Faculty of Fine Arts, inspired by the rich cultural resources offered by Istanbul City and Maltepe University, has created a contemporary education and study area for artists and artists of the future.

The candidates a variety of opportunities to develop their way of thinking on the purpose of art, historical development, social role and reflections in their relations with other related fields such as literature, music and philosophy offers by the Faculty. With theoretical lectures and workshops, in line with formalism and self-expression in art, it reinforces the visual perception of the artist candidates and encourages the process of technical diversity.

Restructuring of artistic products for new production and presentation areas is based on the projects that will take place in the education program, and national and international developments are observed in the business life.

As a member of the Faculty of Fine Arts, CILT ( Association of World Cinema schools) and Elia (Association of European art institutions and organizations), he is contributing to European culture and education while contributing to his own cultural infrastructure. Faculty of Fine Arts AEHT (European Association of Hotel and Tourism Schools) is the representative organization gastronomy of the permanent members Turkey. In this process, it aims to train the artists who usually bring intercultural dimension to the local art in general.





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