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Wind and Percussion Instruments

Woodwind and Percussion Instruments Department

Woodwind and Percussion Instruments, which have a wide repertoire in solo and chamber music, also play an important role in the orchestra. With their diverse timbre and characters, wind instrumentsare divided into woodwinds and brass instruments. While flute, oboe, clarinet and bassoon are classified as woodwinds, trumpet, horn, trombone and tuba are classified as brass instruments. This year the conservatory will start education for flute, oboe, clarinet, bassoon and horn. Our most important goals for these part-time programmes are to familiarize the students with woodwind and brass instrumentsand to ensure they obtain solid discipline and the fundamentals at a young age.

By the excellentfacilities offered by the university, the department aims to ensure that students receive the highest level of education provided by theproficient staff, and to graduatetechnically and musically well-equipped musicians, who aim to achieve international recognition and worldwide success.


Dr. Aysu Zehra ŞANVER

Head of Woodwind and Percussion Instruments Department


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