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Mimarlık (EN)

Architecture, as the oldest profession of the world; is an act of ’building’ that begins with the existence of human being in which the historical and spatial accumulation, development and transformations of the society and the city can be perceived concretely. The fundamental mission of architectural education is to understand, examine and reinterpret that accumulation under its own conditions.

Therefore; the curriculum of the Department of Architecture aims to include all practical and theoretical aspects of the professional field and to develop students' social, artistic, technical competence and responsibilities, as well as their organizational and communication skills. In addition to intellectual vision, professional formation, and the necessary skills to solve the problems of architecture and urbanism; the aim of the curriculum is to provide collaborative and interdisciplinary architectural experience and skills in different aspects of the architectural profession.

Our architecture curriculum is structured in a wide range of elective courses in social sciences, natural sciences, and fine arts. It is aimed to educate our students as qualified designers with a wide vision through joint courses and Major - Minor programs with other departments within the faculty providing design education such as Interior Architecture and Nautical Design. 

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Özgür ÖZKAN
Head of Architecture and Architecture English Department


Düşüncede Özgür, Eğitimde Çağdaş, Bilimde Evrensel