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Gülnur Özkurt / Y.Kredi - IT Budget & Purchase Team Leader

Hello, I have been a student in Maltepe University e-MBA program since the start of the fall semester. I graduated from university a long time ago. I couldn’t allocate time to complete a master program, so I have been working since graduation. I needed a program independent from place and time in order to fulfil my responsibilities to my employer, but there wasn’t a program that fulfilled these needs back then. As we all know, there has been an increase in the number of distance education master programs in previous years. As a result of my investigations, I see that the most suitable e-MBA program for me is given in Maltepe University. The virtual class implementation is an especially good idea. Although I couldn’t find an opportunity to participate in the virtual classes every week because I have still been working and I am married, I think that this method of implementation is very beneficial for students who can attend the classes regularly. Another factor that encouraged me to choose this program was the qualified instructors. Also, I got a promotion in my job before I completed this program. Although I have been expecting to be promoted for a while, I am sure that my bosses also considered my efforts to improve myself. Having been a student in this program from the beginning, I can say that this program will be even more beneficial to new registering students as it has been improved continuously.

Giray Mutlu / Korteks Mensucat - Vendor Firm Leader

Before all other reasons, you should choose this education program because it enables you to improve yourself as you work, without stealing work and family time. At first, you may wonder how distance education can be beneficial for you, but after attending the interactive virtual class environment your opinion will completely change. In these virtual classes, you can have the chance to discuss current issues with extremely qualified instructors who continuously update their knowledge in order not to get out of date, and to get information related to problem solving methods. If you want to gather knowledge in this field and improve yourself by completing an MBA, but you can’t find any spare time because of an intensive work load, then Maltepe University's e-MBA program is ideally suited to you.