About Maltepe University


Marmara Educational Institution was established in 1991 with the motto of "From Kindergarten to University" by Hüseyin Şimşek, the Chairman of the Board of Trustees of our University, İstanbul Marmara Education Foundation (İMEV) was founded in 1996, and Maltepe University in 1997. Maltepe University, which was founded according to Law 4282 dated July 9, 1997 and is a public legal entity subject to the provisions of Law 2547 and regulations regarding foundations and higher education institutions, started teaching activity by taking students from additional quota in the Academic Year 1997-1998.

İMEV, to which Maltepe University is affiliated, continues its foundation tradition in a broad sense by providing comprehensive services especially in the area of education, health, environment, culture, art and social fields.

Marmara Education Village was established in 2002 beside a pine tree forest in a 1000-acre open and 300-acre closed area, in order to gather Marmara Education Institutions, notably İMEV. On this campus, where Maltepe University is also located, there are Faculty of Education, Faculty of Fine Arts, Faculty of Law, Faculty of Communication, Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, Faculty of Business and Management Sciences, Faculty of Architecture and Design, Faculty of Engineering and Natural Sciences, Faculty of Medicine, Conservatory, School of Nursing, Vocational School, School of Foreign Languages and Graduate School. Associate, bachelor, master and doctorate degree programs are carried out in in the aforementioned Academic Units and many studies are conducted in the research and application centers. Students continue their education at Maltepe University Faculty of Medicine Training and Research Hospital located in Maltepe center upon completion of their Basic Medical Sciences education at the Faculty of Medicine in Marmara Education Village. In summary, in our university, education services are provided with 9 faculties, a conservatory, a graduate school, 3 schools and a vocational school, and our university has been rying to contribute to Turkish and world science through scientific research and publications. In addition to the Marmara Outdoor/Open-Air Theater of 8000 spectators, there are two 2000 square meters of film and television plateaus in the campus area.

Education principles of our university are summarized with the motto of ‘Free in Thought, Modern in Education and Universal in Science’. Main objective of Maltepe University is to prepare the modern and intellectual youth to the future, and train them as individuals who have internalized the fundamental principles of Turkish Republic, obey all the rules of secular democracy, and who are also active, rational, thinker, reader, researcher, producer, and capable of competing in every field with the world’s youth.

Maltepe University attaches great importance to internationalization. The first steps in this context were put into practice in the early 2000s, the Erasmus Declaration and the Extended Erasmus Declaration were received in 2004 and 2007, respectively. Maltepe University has always been among the firsts in every step taken by other universities on internationalization. In line with this purpose, student and academic staff exchanges are made and strong connections are established with respected universities around the world for joint research and scientific studies. International exchange programs and joint projects are among the important indicators of the international quality of Maltepe University. In addition, Diploma Supplement was started to be given to bachelors in 2010 and to post graduates in 2012.

One of the issues that Maltepe University attaches special importance to is the qualified education. Through the Quality Management Office established at our university, all processes related to quality within higher education are closely monitored, and Maltepe University approaches to its partners, especially its students, in accordance with this perspective.

Having proved its strength in this context with the documents it received and left behind 22 years, Maltepe University, with its distinguished and experienced academic-administrative staff, with the programs updated according to the development and expectations of the age, with the variety and substantiality of academic infrastructure facilities (laboratories, information and document centers, internet access, etc.), sharing research results with the society, social and cultural activities that encourage participation, it has taken its distinguished place in the Turkish University System by completing its institutionalization to a great extent. Our University continues its "Quality Journey" with all facilities.


Free in Thought, Modern in Education, Universal in Science