Message From Our Rector

As Maltepe University, we are proud to continue 40 years of tradition of Marmara Education Institutions on strong academic and institutional basis.  We believe in the power of education and knowledge to make a difference; and ever since we were founded in 1997, we have been continuing to educate young people who are aware of this power.

As our basic principle, we believe in being beneficial for the community. Therefore our social interaction activities go hand in hand with education and research, which are the basic activities of the university.  We believe that the education and the power of knowledge make a big difference in creating individuals with strong moral and national values,  strong work ethics; in other words the individuals taking initiative and responsibility.  We consider the non-governmental organizations, local governments and industry as important as partners in our efforts to make a difference.

We define internationalization as one of our priority areas and believe that our international cooperation offers the opportunity to re-evaluate our “local values” associating them with the “universal” ones.

We have adopted a student-oriented approach which is open to change and supports innovation.  We believe in the importance of offering our students new scopes that help them realize their own potential and inspiring them for innovation and exploration while getting them ready for their professional lives. This approach, which has become our priority, carries us beyond classroom teaching, and is reflected upon all our multi-partner and multidisciplinary research and projects, carried out by our strong academic staff.

We benefit from the physical facilities of our University campus located in the heart of nature to improve personal and academic development and enhance mutual production and we believe that together with our students we create a lively environment making them proud of their university.  

Our goal is to continue making a difference towards “a better future” together with our students, our graduates, our academic and administrative staff.

Prof. Dr. Şahin Karasar

Free in Thought, Modern in Education, Universal in Science