Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences


Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, which continually renews itself by taking contemporary needs into consideration, is steered by the belief that human beings for culture as we know it and create meaning in the world. With an outstanding staff, our Faculty, which since the 1997-1998 academic year has been making contributions to the discipline on a national and international scale, puts togetherness above all else when it comes to theory, research and practice in education and in public service.

Our University’s Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, which doesn’t restrict educational activities to its only own students but also holds true to the ‘’ethics of collaboration’’ with other faculties, Graduate Schools, and Research and Application Centers, has also made an impact with its research in public matters. Sharing its experiences with international knowledge communities, public institutions, local administrations, NGOs, educational institutions at different levels and the private sector, our Faculty is also very sensitive to the needs and future requirements of its students when introducing them to the worlds of knowledge and business.

At the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences we hold student clubs/communities (which are, in the scope of Bologna Process considered university NGOs) with very high regard. Students are encouraged to participate in a wide range of national – and international – scientific and social activities.

Constantly developing international collaborations, expanding students’ horizons with its Erasmus and Farabi exchange programs (as well its inter- and intra-faculty double minor and major programs), protecting and developing the right to education at the highest level and creating educated, qualified graduates who are sought after candidates in the real world, our faculty is always proud of its graduates and strives to keep communication channels strong with its alumni.

Dean's Office

Dean  Prof. Dr. Bahattin AKŞİT
Vice Dean Assoc. Prof. Dr. Güncel ÖNKAL
Secretary of Faculty Özlem TURAN

Heads of Departments


 Prof. Dr. Zekiye KUTLUSOY


Prof. Dr. Nermin ÇELEN

Psychology (EN)

Prof. Dr. Nermin ÇELEN

Social Work



Prof. Dr. Nurgün OKTİK

Sociology (EN)

Prof. Dr. Nurgün OKTİK
Free in Thought, Modern in Education, Universal in Science