Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences

Social Work

In societies today, due to rapid social change, increasing inequalities and increase in urban population, the number of people who can’t benefit from public resources have increased. The welfare state has to develop new policies to support the disadvantaged groups and has to reconstruct the present social services. Social work is a dynamic profession which aims to prevent and solve the problems of  individuals, families and societies; meet their material and non-material needs; improve their social welfare and quality of life. The profession is a scientific and interdisciplinary organization of social solidarity and social support systems. It is the conscience of the society which serves to develop and increase the social functioning of individuals, families and the society as a whole.

The goal of the social work profession is to work within the needs of the country by giving priority to the individuals and the society, to reach needed resources and to enhance societal recruitment and societal organization.

The staff of Social Work Department consists of members who are internationally recognized and have outstanding research experiences and publications. Social work practice is an inseparable part of the curricula. From the first year on different fields and models of practice are introduced to the students. Theory, research and practice are evaluated in an integrative model with a contemporary understanding. The aim is to teach students the basic theories, concepts and means of analysis along with social work practice.

There is an increasing demand for social workers in Turkey. The current undergraduate program has been formulated to meet the needs of students who plan to work theoretically and in practice.

Turkish is the medium of instruction in the department.  


To raise students as individuals who are research oriented and have a conscious, critical outlook, and have ethical values, to make them active in the development of social life by examining, evaluating it, and effective in construction of future. 


To be a competent scientific institution targeting the development and dissemination of social work education and producing policies for social services in European standards.


Assoc. Prof. Neşe ŞAHİN TAŞĞIN

Head of the Department of Social Work

Free in Thought, Modern in Education, Universal in Science